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Reformed Whores "Punch Me in the Face"
Love hurts, but the Reformed Whores take it all in stride. Will they find romance on a desert plain?
Sparks Hair Design – Urban Legend
A woman meets an intriguing, shadowy stranger at a bar. They head back to his place to keep the fun going, but his intentions may not be so pure.
The Multiproduct Commercial
Advertisers experimented with new ways to get more value in the same amount of ad time and created the multiproduct commercial.
Pacman: The Movie Trailer
Pharmaceutical CEO Michael Pacman must take his own company's dangerous medications to survive a deadly maze.
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Explosionism: Live!


As if you needed another reason to get psyched about the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games (I have been inexplicably psyched about this event for MONTHS. I’m not even athletic. But something about this Olympic Games calls to me…maybe it’s because China is

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More TMBG Goodness from Dunkin Donuts

I posted about this a while ago, but devoted coffee fiends and class-A rock stars They Might be Giants have been writing neat little songs for Dunkin Donuts’ “America Runs on Dunkin” ad campaign. I saw this on on the DD site today, which reminded me of how much I love TMBG and coffee.

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Fly Me to the Moon

“Fly Me to the Moon” is one of Pat’s projects from his animation courses in college. It’s a great short film that’s still one of Therefore’s favorites. As an added bonus, I put in a gallery after the jump with the storyboards and sketches from pre-production. You can find the movie under the “Our Videos” tab up top. I’ve also updated our YouTube channel, where you can see more of our videos.

Cars From the Future! And You Can Actually Get Them!

[From CNET] This is the Aptera Typ-1, and it looks awesome. You know what’s even more awesome? The body creates very little drag, making it super-efficient. The diesel hybrid version of the Aptera will get an estimated 230 miles per gallon, compared to the Prius’ max of 60 mpg. If you don’t

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As Strong as I am

I just walked past the TV and saw a young mom, arms full of groceries and bathed in the warm light of afternoon, look straight into the camera and say “I deserve a paper plate that’s as strong as I am.”

I couldn’t agree more! If I didn’t have these paper plates, I’d

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Little Big Planet Boss Battles

The more I see and hear about this game, the more I want to play it. Little Big Planet has been said to have boss battles for quite some time, but this is the first time we’ve been able to see one in action.

And the best part is that the game

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New Film Permit Regulations in NYC



A quick note to all you filmmakers out there!


The Mayor’s Office has finally formalized the film permit regulations for the city of New York.


For those of you keep score, the last time they tried this they ended up with regulations that would require even tourists taking pictures to apply for a permit.


A quick rundown of the new regulations, and an explanation of the top photo, after the jump.

The Best Show In Town

Art and the City

For a mere $75 dollars, I am going to see five brand new, world class productions during the 2008-2009 theater season in New York. I am going to witness first hand the unveiling of set designs from some of Broadway’s top artists; I am going to revel in the magic of watching some of the greatest performers on the planet bring down the house; I am going to see classical masterpieces and modern game changers.

And where am I going to be able to do all of this for a mere $75?

At the Metropolitan Opera.

Now before you roll your eyes and page down, I ask you to join me after the jump, where I will prove, unequivably, that opera is truly the art form of the masses.

The Poop Tube

It’s nice to know that someone can do gross-out comedy so well.


Behind the Scenes with the Street Fighter Movie Game

The Street Fighter Movie holds a special place in the hearts of Therefore Productions. Why? Because of great dialog like this:

Bison: What’s the matter? You come to fight a madman, and instead find a god? Do you still refuse to accept my godhood? Keep your God! In fact, now may be a good time to pray to Him! For I beheld Satan as he came down from Heaven!

The movie is a whole string of quotable nonsense, and the ridiculous acting is the icing on the cake. The Street Fighter movie came out at the hight of the game’s popularity, a cash-in effort that makes the Mortal Kombat movie look like Citizen Kane. For some reason, the people behind this Van Damme masterpiece thought it would be a good idea to release a game based on the movie. I kid you not, it was called “Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game”. I played SF:TM:TG many years ago. Keep in mind that the movie was already based on a fantastic game, so the movie-game had a lot to live up to- and it failed, miserably. Sluggish controls and bad animations made this one of the worst fighters of all time. The actors in the movie posed for their respective character sprites, so Raul Julia and Van Damme are on screen as M. Bison and Guile along with all the other forgettable people from the film. One of the game’s designers has posted photos from the blue screen shoot for the sprites, and they’re simply hilarious. [via Kotaku] I posted my favorite picture and some more quotes after the jump. If you get a chance, watch this movie.

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