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Reformed Whores "Punch Me in the Face"
Love hurts, but the Reformed Whores take it all in stride. Will they find romance on a desert plain?
Sparks Hair Design – Urban Legend
A woman meets an intriguing, shadowy stranger at a bar. They head back to his place to keep the fun going, but his intentions may not be so pure.
The Multiproduct Commercial
Advertisers experimented with new ways to get more value in the same amount of ad time and created the multiproduct commercial.
Pacman: The Movie Trailer
Pharmaceutical CEO Michael Pacman must take his own company's dangerous medications to survive a deadly maze.
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Williamsburg Has Good Taste


Great news! The music video that we produced for the Reformed Whores is an official selection at the Williamsburg International Film Festival!

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Get in Step with GE Line Dancing

Howdy, Therefolks!

We’re back in the office and wanted to share an update with you about a project we finished up at the end of February. Our friends at Crewcuts called us in to help produce a web video with BBDO for the GE Ecomagination campaign, and we couldn’t be more proud of the entire team for coming together to assemble this. Congratulations all! Check out this instructional dance video to learn how to “Get in Step” with GE’s Ecomagination Line Dance. Production Photos after the jump.

Therefore Cupids Take Aim


Therefore pulled out all the stops to make a video for Sue and Bill’s wedding, a testament of our love set to Lady Gaga and Journey.

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New Site, New Reel, Same Old Therefore Weirdos


Therefore has a new highlight reel of our work, and we updated our company site with some state-of-the-art technology from the 1970′s.

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The Many Faces of Mini Golf Animal Statues


Therefore Productions took a trip to the Jersey shore for a game of mini-golf and discovered the terrifying faces of the course’s fiber glass animal statues.

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Kids' Korner 4


A pair of new tales guaranteed to make you kids appreciate your youth while you’ve still got it.

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Therefore Update: 'Out of Sight' music video


Therefore Productions continues to work busily during the summer months. Here are the on-set stills from the music video for “Out of Sight” that we shot on spec with director Camiren Romero.

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Let Summer Commence!


Photos of where we’ve been lately as Therefore Productions gets the ball rolling on a summer of new projects!

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Summer's Eve Music Mix 2010!


Close out your Napster right now because I’ve got the aural journey of the summer mapped out for you right here.

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Summer Reading List


Even if you’re not in school anymore, you can still pick up a list of summer reading assignments courtesy of Therefore Productions. Pat’s got the scoop on the hottest, darkest reads of the summer!

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