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Reformed Whores "Punch Me in the Face"
Love hurts, but the Reformed Whores take it all in stride. Will they find romance on a desert plain?
Sparks Hair Design – Urban Legend
A woman meets an intriguing, shadowy stranger at a bar. They head back to his place to keep the fun going, but his intentions may not be so pure.
The Multiproduct Commercial
Advertisers experimented with new ways to get more value in the same amount of ad time and created the multiproduct commercial.
Pacman: The Movie Trailer
Pharmaceutical CEO Michael Pacman must take his own company's dangerous medications to survive a deadly maze.
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In Honor of Mother's Day

Yo Momma circa 200,000 B.C. Caveman #1: ugga bugga Caveman #2: awwwwwwwwwww

Yo Momma in the 5th Century B.C. Oedipus: Oac oopa tic tu mom ttutzauec oto kpessati Oedipus’ Wife: … Oedipus: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Yo Momma – Holy Roman Edition Mark Antony: Duis mom aute irure dolor in reprehenderit Brutus: Vestri gero

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Adorable Corner with Wedding Things

It’s hard to think of something that would be more appropriate for the Adorable Corner than a wedding!!!!….so I didn’t.  Below is an exact depiction of Victor and Allyson’s wedding as seen through my waterfalls of joy.

Congratulations Victor and Allyson!

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Food to Suit the Mood

Harnessing one’s emotions is the most important social skill a productive adult can learn.  Instead of potentially ruining relationships with your manic depressive rage, you can easily divert that unwanted energy.  Using my strategies on binge eating, in no time at all you’ll be trading ‘Prozac’ for ‘dough snack’!


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Live from the set…

I know you what you’re thinking…”dude…WTF?! where was that update from the set you promised us for Monday!!!”

I apologize, I am a bad blogger sometimes. Then there was Saint Patrick’s Day which this photo can basically tell you how that day went…

Yes, I was wearing a kilt.

But in all seriousness, the shoot went really awesome. Our actors- top notch. The direction of Victor Reyes – Scorsese-esque. The one-two punch of Andrew Hymas and Patrick Brady- Coen Brothers-esque. The lighting work done by Bliss Holloway, just “eh.” The producing of Rebecca Heinenmann- extremely girly and so many frilly things. The PA job by Patrick MacDonald: mac daddy-esque.

Yes, a lot of “esques” going on and I like it.

But seriously, I feel bad for not reporting in sooner, so after the break…a present…

Dexion: Believe!

If you know me, then you probably know that I am obsessed with The White Stripes.  There is another male/female duo, however, that is also near and dear to my heart: Dexion.  While my obsession for The White Stripes stems from their raw genius, my fascination with this singing and dancing “magic act”

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Explosionism: Live!


As if you needed another reason to get psyched about the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games (I have been inexplicably psyched about this event for MONTHS. I’m not even athletic. But something about this Olympic Games calls to me…maybe it’s because China is

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Cars From the Future! And You Can Actually Get Them!

[From CNET] This is the Aptera Typ-1, and it looks awesome. You know what’s even more awesome? The body creates very little drag, making it super-efficient. The diesel hybrid version of the Aptera will get an estimated 230 miles per gallon, compared to the Prius’ max of 60 mpg. If you don’t

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As Strong as I am

I just walked past the TV and saw a young mom, arms full of groceries and bathed in the warm light of afternoon, look straight into the camera and say “I deserve a paper plate that’s as strong as I am.”

I couldn’t agree more! If I didn’t have these paper plates, I’d

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Kristen Schaal is Built out of Awesominium

Thanks to Shakesville for bringing this to my

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Summer is here, so it’s time to wear smaller clothes! My collection of t-shirts has been aging for some years now, and I finally decided to spruce up my light clothing wardrobe with some nice new shirts. Here are a few online stores with designs that I like. I have shirts from the first two, Spraygraphic and Torso Pants, but am still getting around to the other three.

First a quick note. All the stores I’m listing here use American Apparel tees or offer them in some variety. In case you don’t know about AA, they’re a unionized garment manufacturer here in the US. That means little slave children in South America aren’t forced to make them, which is good for your conscience and their fingers. AA’s shirts are nice enough as is, but sometimes you just want something less plain. That’s where t-shirts press store like these come in handy, so let’s take a look!

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