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Reformed Whores "Punch Me in the Face"
Love hurts, but the Reformed Whores take it all in stride. Will they find romance on a desert plain?
Sparks Hair Design – Urban Legend
A woman meets an intriguing, shadowy stranger at a bar. They head back to his place to keep the fun going, but his intentions may not be so pure.
The Multiproduct Commercial
Advertisers experimented with new ways to get more value in the same amount of ad time and created the multiproduct commercial.
Pacman: The Movie Trailer
Pharmaceutical CEO Michael Pacman must take his own company's dangerous medications to survive a deadly maze.
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A Little Ditty From Little Cheddar Studios

A Little Ditty From Little Cheddar Studios

Therefore Productions presents a promo piece for Little Cheddar Studios! They help others create beautiful music, because music makes the world more beautiful.

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Williamsburg Has Good Taste


Great news! The music video that we produced for the Reformed Whores is an official selection at the Williamsburg International Film Festival!

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‘Punch Me in the Face’ by Reformed Whores

PMITF_Final1 (1)

Love hurts, but the Reformed Whores take it all in stride. Will they find romance on a desert plain?

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These Behind the Scenes Photos Will Punch You In the Face


Last weekend we shot a music video for our friends the Reformed Whores. It was an awesome time, and the footage looks fantastic.

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Therefore Cupids Take Aim


Therefore pulled out all the stops to make a video for Sue and Bill’s wedding, a testament of our love set to Lady Gaga and Journey.

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A Blast From Therefore Past!: Born To Love You! 2004!

born to love you

Born To Love You 2004 – By VickDang from vic reyes on Vimeo.


Today, I present a video out of the Therefore vault! It was Christmas 2004 and I had bought my girlfriend Allyson (now fiance) a romantic present and a functional present, but in order to complete the Reyes “X-Mas Gift

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Disco Armageddon


So the rapture just happened and you and Stan have been “left behind?” It must be some kind of mistake! It must be… time to DANCE!

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The most religious music video you will ever see… in Europe.

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